Can You Overdose on Cannabidiol?

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Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD has over the years been a conflicting topic of debate. The extract, mainly taken in the form of oil has been proven as a natural remedy that has potential to lower anxiety, treat some levels of pain and stimulate your appetite among other health benefits.

However, of concern to many is the fact that the oil is made from hemp plant, leading them to contemplate whether it can cause them to have the same psychoactive effects as Marijuana, which has high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Subsequently, this leads to the question, ‘Can you overdose on CBD oil?’ Read on to find out.

What is CBD?

This is one of the many cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp plant but in different levels. In ancient times, in Central Asia, Cannabidiol was used for several purposes, such as rituals and medicinal tenacities; leading to more research and finally piloting the embrace of the drug by the medical industry.

Contrary to marijuana, Cannabidiol on its own does not give a high or euphoric feeling. Several experiments prove that CBD does not contain any body system stimulations and addiction effects on human beings. It is worth noting that in animals, THC cannot be used as a Cannabidiol substitute due to its psychoactive and toxic effects.

CBD Oil Explained

Simply laid out, this oil is an important solvent that is made from the chemical compound, Cannabidiol, which is extracted from a hemp plant’s flowers, leaves and stalks. Although it is not entirely legal worldwide, most states are welcoming this product due to its benefits and others are in motion to legalise its use.

Benefits of using CBD oil

CBD and its associated products like CBD oil, capsules, paste and even CBD Gummies all work by interacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. This is a cell signalling network in the body which works to rebalance areas of the body which may not be operating to their full potential.

Cannabinoids like CBD mimic the role of natural Endocannabinoids produced in the brain within this system. The work to bind to cannabinoid receptors and send signals around the body to regulate and rebalance.

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In addition, researchers have found this oil to have potential to treat other symptoms such as:
• Muscle aches
• Lack of sleep
• High blood pressure
• Epilepsy
• Some level of depression and
• Social anxiety

With the increased research on Cannabidiol, more information continues to emerge concerning the effective use of the popular solvent. For example, a promising research is undergoing on whether the drug can be used by doctors to help evade the side effects of antipsychotic medication for people with schizophrenia.

Can you use it on a daily basis?

People have so much written about CBD oil that it can be hard to know right or wrong. The essential part is to get to know what it is and its benefits. Well, Cannabidiol is an extract that is obtained from the industrial hemp plant (cannabis sativa) that does not contain any intoxicating effects because it does not contain THC and if it does, it is in insignificant levels.

With that being said, some of the CBD benefits include preventing anxiety, energy booster, and many more as you have noted. Therefore, with the health benefits, would you like to have reduced anxiety, be more focused on your daily errands under zero pressure, and have a healthy sleep?

Well, taking CBD every day in the right dosage is the way to go. The dosage taken is determined by variables such as the body’s weight, the conditions being treated, the body’s chemistry, and CBD concentration in every drop, capsule, or gummy. It is advisable to get it as a recommendation from a certified doctor.

What does Cannabidiol do to the brain?

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound that is made from the cannabis plant. Although THC is the most common product from the cannabis plant, Cannabidiol is the most health-beneficial plant considered by many people. Cannabidiol reacts to the brain’s serotonin receptor by releasing a chemical that helps you feel good by elevating the mood.

Cannabidiol also acts as an antioxidant that helps fight off stress in the brain, protecting the brain. Research suggests that Cannabidiol oil is the most effective antioxidant than any other compound. However, gaps in information concerning this are still present as research continues to bring new information to light.

Is there a limit daily?

If you have no instructions from the doctor, it is advisable to best start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase the dosage. According to Dr. Hemp Me, Ireland’s leading e-commerce store for CBD supplements, the recommended dose is between 20mg-30mg of CBD per day to begin.

Of course some people will opt for more which is safe too but it is best to build and not start off too high in terms of dosage until you are used to ingesting CBD oil every day. With time after seven days, you can increase this amount by 4mg. It would help if you continued this until you feel the dosage is treating your symptoms.

Here is what happens if you take too much

Perhaps you have chosen to try out the Cannabidiol cannabis compound as a way to help control your anxiety level or lack of sleep, or maybe chronic pains. The risk of overdosing is such as scary factor to consider. Surprisingly, there are zero risks of taking it as an overdose; in fact, research shows that Cannabidiol can help stop overdoses of drugs such as cocaine.

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You will have to take about 15,000mg of the oil in less than 24hours, and it will only make you want to sleep. Please do not, however, abuse this natural remedy due to its side effects.

Can a dog overdose on CBD oil?

Well, hemp-based Cannabidiol is suitable for pets, including a cat and a dog. The hemp-based Cannabidiol contains only approximately 0.4% of THC, and because THC is toxic to pets, consuming a large amount of the dose can lead to toxicity. But human Cannabidiol products and edibles containing marijuana can cause THC toxicity in pets. It is advisable to use a full-spectrum, hemp extracted, organic CBD.

Can you get addicted to it?

Many studies suggest that heavy consumption of cannabis leads to addiction. At the same time, CBD on its own does not appear to lead to any addiction because it has no effects that lead to intoxication or any high feeling. With the excellent benefit that Cannabidiol oil contains in preventing drug abuse, the oil does not contain any potential abuse.

Studies on dosage

Research about the specific dosage required is not yet entirely clear. Like any other dose, the required amount depends on the good therapeutical effect in the body and the effectiveness of the symptoms. For instance, people with psychosis recorded an improvement after taking about 1100mg per day for some weeks, while those with schizophrenia reported an improvement after consuming 1300mg per day for three weeks.

Final thought

CBD oil has numerous benefits to consumers and has a less likelihood of leading to addiction or overdoes. However, it is essential to note that although majority of people tolerate CBD fairly well, the drug can have side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhoea, dry mouth and vomiting. Cease use or see a doctor in case you experience the above. Please use it responsibly.

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