Biomedical Diagnostics Institute

A multidisciplinary research institute focused on the development
of next generation biomedical diagnostic devices.

Surgical Robots

It is an initiative to create technology for future biomedical researches and operations. Learn about the next-generation surgical robots that will lead the future of the biomedical industry.

Primary Objectives Of The BDI

The establishment of a centre of excellence in diagnostics performing world-class fundamental science. The development of pioneering scientific breakthroughs and disruptive technologies that revolutionise the detection and control of diseases. CBD oil can help in the process of reducing pain for each of our clients. CBD oil has been seen to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of pain.

Advanced Prosthetics

In future, it is possible! A dedicated team is working on projects that will create sensory prosthetics for better productivity and movement.

Electronic Bandages

The researchers are working to create next-gen electronic bandages that will help the wounds to recover faster and reduce the muscle pain by providing mild vibrations to the areas of muscle tears.

Highly Skilled Researchers

Integration Projects

The Integration Projects are typically developed in conjunction with BDI’s industry partners, to produce prototype devices to address significant unmet medical needs.

Computer Aided Biology

We are using advanced CAD applications to create new models to aid biomedical industry.


We are creating new opportunities in the industry to research bionanotechnologies.

Cellular & Tissue

New treatment procedures are being developed for cellular & tissue complications.


Learn how biorecognition will help people with disabilities in future while connecting to their system.


We are using the safest biomaterials to create new-age prosthetics for all types of disabilities.

Microfluidic Platforms

We have a team of researchers always working to create better solutions in the field of biomedicine.

Artificial organs

Device or tissue that is implanted or integrated into a human interface with living tissue to replace a natural organ.

Disease Diagnosis In Minutes

As team of researchers from the BDI DCU, UC Berkeley and Universidad de Valparaíso Chile announced a microfluidic device that may soon be able to detect global health diseases such as HIV and TB in a matter of minutes..

Who We Are



Well established labs with the best equipment in the industry to perform researches in biomedicine of the future.



We have well equipped offline and online libraries to provide complete access to all subjects and researches.


Industrial / Commercial

We are connected with the best providers of biomaterials that help up maintain the highest standards in our researches.

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Bdi Success At Irish Laboratory Awards

Bdi Success At Irish Laboratory Awards

On 3rd December, two BDI groups won prizes at the prestigious Irish Laboratory awards, which took place in the Double Tree Burlington in Dublin. Professor Richard O’Kennedy’s Applied Biochemistry Group won the award for Bio Science Laboratory of the Year and Dr. Paul...

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