CBD oil has been one of the most talked-about plant products on the market for the last several years. Many CBD advocates credit CBD oil for allowing them to reclaim their lives from more traditional medical treatments and potentially dangerous prescription drugs.

From my own experience using CBD I can personally agree with other CBD advocates regarding the positive effects CBD can have on your body. As an Irish CBD user for more than 4 years I have to agree with studies and trials which show promising results for CBD in the health sector. The properties of CBD oil and other CBD options like edibles work to balance an identified system within your body – the Endocannabinoid System. 

So, which Irish CBD products can you use and which may be the best fit for you? If like me you want to use CBD as a natural alternative to a certain medication or just simply as a dietary supplement, then you have come to the right spot. On that note let’s take a look at what stock is on offer in Ireland…  

Today, we’re going to help you cut through the hype so you can decide if CBD oil is right for you, and we’ll also share some of the best CBD oil brands available here in Ireland. Please skip to the end of the article if you are looking for CBD benefits and how to use CBD oil. There I mention the amount of CBD oil you should take and the importance of CBD product testing. 

Ireland’s Best CBD Cannabis Oil Brands 

Thankfully, there are several top-quality CBD companies in Ireland & Europe that can provide Irish customers with laboratory-grade CBD hemp oil for all of their ailments. Due to Brexit Irish CBD oil customers are now having to shop more local and that is why we have compiled a list of the top CBD brands in Ireland. 

NameLab TestCBD ProductsPicture
#1: Dr. Hemp Me YesCBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Paste, CBD Cream, CBD for Petsdr hemp me cannabidiol review
#2: Ceelabb CBD OilYesCBD Oil, CBD Vape Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Coffeeceelabb cbd oil
#3: Greenheart CBDYesCBD Oil, CBD gift sets cbd_greenheart_table

My Recommendation #1 Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil 

For people looking for transparent, high-quality CBD hemp oil in Ireland, Dr. Hemp Me is your best option. Dr. Hemp Me offers a comprehensive product line, including CBD oils, Cannabidiol gummies, CBD capsules, creams, gummies, pastes & coffee. You’ll even find options for your pets! 

CBD Oil Dublin - Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me’s cannabis plants are sourced mostly within Ireland but due to higher demand, they also source EU grown hemp plants (in case of confusion hemp is a strain of cannabis so they are the same thing). What’s important to note about this brand is they offer a variety of oils in terms of the cbd spectrum. What do I mean exactly? Well, Dr. Hemp Me is one of few Irish CBD brands selling ‘full’ spectrum and ‘broad’ spectrum CBD oils.

The term ‘spectrum’ as you may already know, is used to classify a product based on its position on a scale – in this case we’re talking about the hemp plant or cannabinoid scale. Full-spectrum products contain the full range of cannabinoids present after extraction from the plant. Broad- spectrum eliminates the THC cannabinoid and so contains a broad amount rather than the maximum.

Before I placed my initial order, I had tons of questions I needed answered. Their website features a chat function, which quickly connected me to a representative. To my surprise, I was speaking to Brian, the owner of the company, who provided me with exceptional service and the answers to all my questions. 

Health Products Regulatory Authority

Brian brings an evident passion for CBD, but he was careful not to provide medical advice, as Ireland and the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) do not recognize the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol presently. Hemp companies are unable to advertise any medicinal benefits.

For information on CBD in Ireland please read the Health Products Regulatory Authority Cannabis Report.

Cannabidiol Galway - Dr. Hemp Me

Product Description

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD extracts are derived from supercritical CO2 extraction (unlike Ireland’s oldest CBD brand Celtic Wind who use cold-pressed hemp extract). CO2 is one of the safest and cleanest extraction methods. Dr. Hemp Me’s oil is packed with over 100 different cannabinoids and terpenes, and comprehensive lab tests back every product on their site. View their lab test page for more information. 

While there are reliable alternatives like Ceelabb listed below, Dr. Hemp Me provides the best CBD oil in Ireland and the helpful customer service that anyone new to CBD needs to choose the best products for them. There’s even a dosage calculator on their website to help you ensure you’re supplementing correctly. 

Technical Details & Specifications

Allergen InformationGluten Free
Volume10 ml
Brand Dr. Hemp Me
Lab TestedYes
Strength500mg - 3000mg
CBD ProductCBD Oil
IngredientsHemp Extract & Hemp Seed Oil
Material CompositionNatural
Customer Rating4.7 out of 5 stars


Dr. Hemp Me’s prices are in line with the market average for premium CBD oil. A bottle of 10% CBD oil typically runs €60, and that’s precisely what Dr. Hemp Me charges for their product. Ingredients include hemp oil extract and hemp seed oil only to ensure full natural organic oil.

Dr. Hemp Me’s online store offers plenty of safe and reliable payment methods so you can feel confident when ordering, and orders arrive quickly with free shipping above €50. The store advertises two-day delivery, but my first order arrived the very next day. You won’t find Dr. Hemp Me in stores, so visit their website to order today. 


  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Next day delivery within Ireland
  • Lab Tests available
  • Over 350 positive Trustpilot ratings


  • UK customers have to pay custom duties

#2 Ceelabb CBD Oil

For those of you who want a wide variety of CBD Oil products and flavours too, look no further than Ceelabb. Ceelabb CBD is Irish born and top-quality. My own experience with this brand has been very positive in terms of product satisfaction, delivery and customer service. Added vitamins like turmeric and naturally occurring minerals in this CBD oil make it a must have for me at home.

ceelabb_turmeric_cbd in ireland

Ceelabb was founded in Dublin, Ireland by Alan who is great to deal with. Ceelabb offer a really great variety of CBD products including CBD vape juice. If vaping is for you then I would recommend you give Ceelabb a try for high-quality, Irish vape juice. Compared to the first brand mentioned in this list, Dr. Hemp Me, Ceelabb offer CBD Vape juice while Dr. Hemp Me do not. Multivitamins & turmeric CBD oil also adds to the varied CBD product range on offer here.

Technical Details & Specifications

Allergen InformationGluten Free
Volume10 ml - 30ml
Brand Ceelabb
Lab TestedYes
Strengths300mg - 2000mg
CBD ProductCBD Oil
IngredientsHemp extract & Turmeric
Material CompositionNatural


  • Full spectrum CBD oil with turmeric
  • Lab Tests Available
  • Offers CBD Vape Oil


  • UK customers have to pay custom duties

#3 Greenheart

Another top recommendation of mine when it comes to CBD oil in Ireland is Greenheart CBD. I find their CBD products nicely priced but still of a high quality. I really like the taste of their CBD oil and the effectiveness too.


In terms of strengths of CBD oils I find Greenheart the best for low strength oils. If you are a newbie to CBD oil and other products or just prefer to keep your CBD oil strength at a low level then Greenheart is the perfect choice for you. They offer 2.5% and 5% CBD oils in a variety of bottle sizes. I like the mild taste of Greenheart CBD and the fact that their product is fully organic.

Technical Details & Specifications

Allergen InformationGluten Free
Volume10 ml - 100ml
Brand Greenheart
Lab TestedYes
Strengths250mg - 500mg
CBD ProductCBD Oil
IngredientsHemp seed oil
Material CompositionNatural


  • Organic CBD in all products
  • Lab Tests Available
  • Offers a variety of bottle sizes


  • Low strength CBD oils only

Cannabis Trade Association

Both Dr. Hemp Me & Ceelabb are members of the Cannabis Trade Association. The CTA are one of the leading forces in regulating CBD companies across Ireland, the UK and the EU.

What is Cannabidiol? 

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a derivative of cannabis. Within marijuana and hemp plants live chemicals known as cannabinoids, which can have profound medicinal and psychoactive effects. The most well-known cannabinoid is THC, which is responsible for the brain’s psychoactive response to cannabis. Receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System react to cannabinoid such as CBD and THC and cause various effects within. 

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t possess any psychoactive effects, and it doesn’t produce the “high” associated with marijuana. CBD can be derived from hemp plants or marijuana. There’s growing scientific evidence that CBD is a potent medical supplement free from the side effects associated with many other forms of treatment. 

Are Hemp CBD Products Legal in Ireland? 

CBD is legal to be for the entire country of Ireland, but there are some critical distinctions.

For a product to meet sales guidelines under the classification as a medicinal/health product, the ingredients within must first be certified as medicine. Currently, the HPRA does not recognize cannabis and cannabis derivatives as medicine, making CBD derived from cannabis illegal under Irish law. 

Fortunately, CBD can also be derived from hemp plants, which fall under a legal regulation that allows cannabinoids to be used for food supplements or flavouring. CBD derived from hemp also known as hemp oil is legal for sale and consumption in Ireland. In case of confusion, hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant which has low levels of THC.


What Are the Health Benefits of Cannabidiol?

Many CBD users offer anecdotal evidence about the myriad of benefits CBD provides them with, but many of these haven’t been adequately researched in studies. There are, however, seven benefits that have been established through scientific research and the general study of CBD. 

How to Use CBD Oil 

Using CBD oil is incredibly easy, and thanks to the range of products on the market, you can take CBD supplements in a way that best fits your lifestyle. 

The most popular method of consumption is to take it as an oil. The oil can then be taken under your tongue, added to drinks or food, or rubbed into the skin. If using gummies, creams, or other products, use according to the directions on the product packaging.

Buy cbd oil in Ireland

Importance of Checking CBD Lab Tests 

While the legality of the CBD and marijuana industry is highly-regulated, that doesn’t mean that the sale of legal CBD products in Ireland is regulated with the same care level. CBD products in Ireland are sold as supplements, and they aren’t monitored or controlled in the same way that medical products are. 

After a quick buck, some manufacturers are happy to use inferior quality extracts or poor-quality additives to produce a low-cost product they can sell at a high margin. More reputable manufacturers are serious about the potency, quality, and effectiveness of their products, and they’re happy to commission independent lab studies to confirm the quality of their products.

With independent lab tests, customers can confirm the product’s quality and purity and verify that the manufacturer provides a full-spectrum CBD oil that will give the broadest range of medical benefits. 

Legal Disclaimer

CBD oil is sold as a food supplement and is therefore not to be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

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