Best CBD Oil For Pain in Ireland in 2022

how to use cbd oil for pain

CBD oil is a great place to start, and certainly worth a try, if you are looking for effective, long-term pain management without negative side effects. CBD oil can be ingested or applied topically. It can even be turned added to food or capsules, making it a versatile remedy for multiple kinds of aches and pains.

The following guide will help you use CBD oil in various forms to try reduce your pain and inflammation by maximizing the potential of this natural supplement.

Understanding CBD

To understand how to use CBD for pain management, it’s helpful to know what CBD is and how it works. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the primary non-psychoactive compound within cannabis plants, and it is generally extracted from hemp.

Because CBD is a different type of cannabinoid than THC, it does not cause the same psychoactive effects and will not get the user high. So while the effects of CBD may alter the user’s mood, it does not carry intoxicating effects.

Clinical studies have shown promising research on the use of CBD for multiple medical purposes, including reducing pain. While research is ongoing, scientists are currently investigating the positive effects of CBD on epilepsy, arthritis, acne, and much more. And that isn’t just for humans– there are CBD products available, such as anti-anxiety tablets for horses, to medicate and treat our animal companions as well.

I use a combination of CBD oil and hemp cream to maximize the pain-reducing effects of the natural supplements. In addition to orally ingesting the CBD oil, I apply the cream directly to the target area. This reduces the inflammation both internally and externally and greatly minimizes the discomfort.

Alternatively, similar results can be achieved without hemp cream by using CBD oil both orally and topically. For example, by applying the oil to your fingers and gently rubbing the targeted area while also dropping the oil under your tongue, you can accomplish the same internal and external pain soothing effect.

Best CBD Oils For Pain: Researched Brands

  1. Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil
  2. CBD Eire products – Zero THC
  3. CBD Cream
  4. Ceelabb cannabinoids
  5. Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  6. Hemp Capsules

Best CBD Oil for Pain


Types of Products


There are quite a few products in the CBD range, with new products emerging all the time. Here are a few of the most common CBD products:

#1 CBD Oil/Tincture

The types of CBD oil that you can buy in bottles with droppers are called tinctures. These allow you to drop the oil exactly where you want it and can be used orally or topically. Some tinctures come with a spray top instead of a dropper and can still be used under your tongue.

Tinctures are labeled with their dosage and strength, so they are a good way for beginner CBD users to measure and control their doses.

#2 Hemp Cream

Hemp cream can be rubbed directly on the areas in need of pain management, so it is an excellent choice for aching joints or sore muscles. CBD cream can look like a balm and is often mixed with fragrant lotions.

#3 Food

One of the most versatile ways to use CBD is to include it in food. There are multiple options for this; you can buy CBD-infused food or add CBD oil to the food you already have. Many people report that CBD oil has an earthy, grassy flavour, so mixing it into something strong– like peanut butter or smoothies– can help mask the taste.

CBD can also be baked into tons of snacks. Caramels, Gummies, and pastries all make excellent CBD treats.

#4 Capsules

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil or food, another option is to ingest CBD in capsule form. Capsules can make it easier to regulate the amount of CBD in your body for consistent pain management, but they can also take longer for the effects to begin than with oil or cream.

Because the CBD is absorbed through the digestive tract instead of the capillary-rich space under your tongue, capsules can take more than 30 minutes to activate.

#5 Vape

Inhalation through a vaporizer is one of the most popular ways to consume THC. In addition to being discrete, the most significant advantage of a vape pen is that it takes effect very quickly because the CBD is entering the bloodstream via the lungs.

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How to Use for Pain: A Step-By-Step Guide

cannabis buy Ireland

While using CBD in oil/tincture form, use the following steps for optimal effectiveness:

Step One: Determine Your Correct Dosage

It may take some trial and error to figure out your starting dose. It’s a good idea to start with a small dose and build to bigger doses over time. This will allow your body the time it needs to adjust to the CBD oil.

It’s also important to consider that different oils or tinctures will have different concentrations of CBD. Read the product information carefully to make sure that you’re getting the dose that you need.

Step Two: Fill the Dropper to Your Dosage

The dropper should have indicator marks on the side that tell you how much oil is inside. You can use these to ensure that the dropper is filled to the dosage you determined in Step One.

Step Three: Squeeze the Dropper Under Your Tongue

Lift your tongue and gently squeeze the oil into your mouth, under your tongue.

Step Four: Wait 90 Seconds

Wait at least 90 seconds without swallowing. This will give your skin the maximum opportunity to absorb the CBD. After that, you can swallow the oil and drink some water to help with any unpleasant taste.

Step Five: Stay Consistent

To make your pain management as effective as possible, it’s essential to stay consistent in taking your CBD. Use your CBD oil every day for at least three weeks, and keep taking it regularly to maintain lasting effects.

CBD oil in other forms, such as lotions or food items, will each have their own dosage, activation time, and methods of use labeled on the products. Therefore, it’s a good idea to thoroughly read the packaging of any CBD products you obtain before using them to ensure that the dose and effects align with your intended goals.

Determining Your Dosage

A high-strength CBD oil is recommended when using CBD for pain management. While using both CBD oil and cream in tandem, it’s a good idea to start around 1000mg. However, if you are using only the oil, we suggest stronger doses of approximately 2000mg.

The best way to determine your ideal dosage is to slowly work up to it. Start by taking your dose in four drops. You can then increase your dosage by one drop per week, which will allow your body appropriate time to adjust to the CBD. Once you have achieved your desired results and your pain is managed, you have found your ideal dose.

Once you know your optimal dosage, it’s important to keep in mind that regular treatment is the only long-term solution for pain management. Taking your oil daily and keeping your doses consistent for at least the first 21 days is the best method for using CBD medicinally.

Top Tips for Managing Pain With CBD Oil

how to use cbd for pain

This guide can help you get started reducing your pain with CBD, but if you want to maximize your results and manage your pain quickly, try the following tips:

Together Is Better – CBD Cream & CBD Oil

While CBD oil is effective on its own, you can get the most out of its pain-relieving effects by pairing it with a cream. Using the two forms of CBD together can allow for an internal and external approach to quicker relief.

Break It Up

Though many people take their CBD in one dose, you can also split yours into two smaller doses. This can help with your body’s adjustments to the physiological effects.

Start Small

Always begin with low doses and allow your body to adapt before moving onto more CBD.

Dry Your Mouth

Before taking the oil, swallow to clear excess saliva from your mouth. Having dry gums allows for the oil to soak in faster and the CBD to take effect sooner.

Wait a Minute (and a Half)

After applying the oil under your tongue, be sure to wait for at least 90 seconds. This will ensure that the oil has the time it needs to be absorbed by your gums before you swallow.

Consistency Is Key

For lasting pain reduction, it’s essential to keep taking your CBD regularly for at least the first three weeks. Keeping your CBD intake consistent during this time is critical in determining your dose and maintaining your treatment.

Follow these, and you can get the most out of your CBD products and increase their natural healing abilities.

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