Since its establishment in 2005, the BDI has developed a significant set of capabilities in areas such as microfluidic sample preparation, custom-engineered antibodies, molecular diagnostics and the development of enhanced biological assays (see Core Competencies for further detail).

The uniqueness of our approach derives from the integration of these diverse capabilities to address challenges in biomedical diagnostics.

We actively engage with new and existing partners to ensure our capabilities and technologies are fully exploited from a commercial perspective and these interactions can take numerous forms:


  • Access to BDI infrastructure to provide service-level support to companies, e.g., materials characterisation.
  • Contract research to address focused company needs.
  • Collaborative research to address more challenging company R&D goals.
  • Licensing of existing BDI IP.
    Consultancy-level interactions between companies and BDI researchers.
  • We also foster a strong ethos of entrepreneurship at the BDI and focus on identifying and supporting opportunities for spin-out company generation through the efforts of our Commercialisation Team