Kugoo Electric Scooter – How to Buy One in Ireland

where to buy a kugoo electric scooter in ireland

Electric scooters are not a new thing but have become one of the coolest things to have in 2022. They are an efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

The scooter is designed with a user-friendly design that is easy to use and fun to ride. Technology has also changed over the years, and it is now possible to find electric scooters that are not just cheaper but faster and also cooler.

These products are designed for those who want to have fun without having to worry about the environment. They have become the new way to have fun on the road.

Is Kugoo a Good Brand?

Kugoo is a very popular brand in the world of electric scooters. They are an established manufacturer that has been in the market for quite some time. They have a wide range of products, known for their quality, safety, and value.

Their products are designed to be easy to use, durable, affordable, and have great features. For example, an S3 Kugoo Electric Scooter has 8-inch tires, a 36V Battery, about 350W motor, 18.5 mp/h maximum speed, and 15.5 miles mileage travel range.

How to Buy One in Ireland?

Ireland’s electric vehicle industry is rapidly growing and the same can be said for the e-scooter market. Online stores now dedicate themselves to electric scooter sales and the sale of accessories like locks, helmets and parts too for customers to purchase.

One of these popular e-commerce spots is Scooters Ireland. Not only do they stock a wide range of brands but their love of Kugoo is evident from the growing number of options available on their website. Take a look at what you can get below:

Model Name How to Buy
#1 Our Pick: VORSPRUNG Rapid Charger Buy Now
#2 Ejoyous Charger
Buy Now
#3 KFD 42V 2A Scooter ChargerBuy Now

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What is the Best Kugoo Electric Scooter to Buy in Ireland?

The best and the most sought Kugoo electric scooter to buy in Ireland is the Kugoo Kirin M4 pro. This is because it has increased the range capability by another 5km to give this M4 pro a total of 50km driving while it’s fully charged.

This scooter also has a bigger wheel of 10 inches, a motor of 500W and can climb at 10 degrees, and has a foldable design. The Kugoo M4 pro is the improved model of Kugoo M4. It has enhanced features such as climbing capability, wheel size, charge time, and climbing angle.

The Difference Between the M4 Pro and M4

One of the differences between the two is that the Kugoo M4 pro is more expensive than the M4. Another difference is the capability range of M4 pro, which is higher than M4 with 5km.

Another difference is the charge time with a difference of 2 hours, where M4 pro has two more extra hours. The other difference is the climbing angle, where M4 pro has a climbing angle of 10 degrees, whereas M4 has a climbing angle of 15 degrees.

If you’re on a budget, the S1 is the best electric scooter for you to buy, for it’s one of the most affordable models in the market. You might ask why it is affordable? This is because it doesn’t have high specs like the M4 and the M4 pro.

The S1 scooter has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, an 8-inch wheel, a capability range of 25km, a 350 power motor, a 4-hour charge, and a 15 degrees climbing angle.

How Fast Does a Kugoo Scooter Go?

The S1 Kugoo Electric Scooter has a maximum speed of 25 km/h and has a range of 25km. However, the improved Kugoo M4 pro can hit up to 45km and makes it the fastest scooter in Ireland.

Where is Kugoo Made?

The Kugoo electric scooter was developed and manufactured by the Yongkang Kugooo Technology Co. Ltd based in China. The company started operating in 2015 and specialises in developing self-balancing vehicles and electric scooters.

Is an Electric Vehicle Worth Buying?

If you’re still skeptical about electric vehicles, then I would like to tell you that you’re making a big mistake. Whether it’s comfort, affordability, safety, and functionality factor, electric vehicles have it all.

kugoo kirin brand of vehicle electric use

It’s not only the price of the scooter that makes it worth buying, it’s the quality and durability of the scooter. The best thing about electric vehicles is that they are very easy to maintain and repair and can save us from traffic jams troubles.

What is the Lifespan of an Electric Scooter?

With proper usage and maintenance, an electric scooter can last anywhere between 3 – 6years or more. One factor that can reduce the lifespan of the scooter is the number of times you charge your scooter in a single day.

Charging only when you want to use it can increase the lifespan of your scooter. You can also increase the lifespan of your scooter by checking and changing any wrecked accessories, proper storing of your scooter, regular wheel lubrication, and proper battery maintenance.

How Far Can an e-Scooter Go On One Charge?

Electric vehicles can travel anywhere between 10 – 80 miles on one charge. This depends on the type of scooter you have, the terrain you’re going through, the speed you’re going at, and the weight of your scooter.

How Often Should I Charge It For?

It is not essential to charge your scooter on a daily basis or after each ride. However, if you’re going on a lengthy journey, make sure the scooter is fully charged.

The recommended approach is to keep the battery charged between 30% and 80% of the time.

Can I Ride My e-Scooter in the Rain?

The greatest way to make the most of your excursions is to ride safely at all times. Avoid riding in the rain for your own and your electric scooter’s safety, especially if visibility is poor or the rain is too heavy and cold.

Even though your e-scooter is rated as waterproof, don’t ride in the rain, especially if the rain is heavy. The IP rating of vehicles reflects how well they can withstand dust and water pollutants over time and under various conditions.

With an equal waterproof rating of IPX4, both Kugoo M4 pro and kugoo M4 have a higher water resistance rate than Kugoo S1.

How Do I Clean My Kugoo Kirin Scooter?

To clean your scooter, you can use a soft brush for the wheels and the body, damp cloth for the handlebar and the seat, and a damp cloth for the pedals. Remember, do not immerse soak the scooter in water.

Is There An App For the M4 or M4 Pro?

Yes. The users can use the app to access a variety of e-scooter services such as GPS positioning, battery level and range estimate, security alert, past routes, riding statistics and weather forecast, vehicle’s power, and speed.

Which Kugoo Scooter Has The Longest Seat?

Kugoo M4 pro has the most extended seat and so is the best option to purchase if an extended seat is what you are looking for!

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