What is an Electric Bike & Which One to Choose in 2022

how to ride an electric mountain bike safely

Electric bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered assist that can be achieved through peddling and sometimes through a throttle. There are different types of e-bikes, i.e. electric hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, built for various places like the city, hills etc.

An electric powered mountain bike is a bicycle specifically designed for off-road trails. They are heavy with powerful brakes and wider handlebars to help the cyclist with balance and comfort. The bicycle is designed with wider tyres since the mountain terrain has rocks, roots, steep grades.

For this reason, the bike has become very popular with city folk who try to deal with potholes or over curbs.

What is an Electric Hybrid Bicycle?

An electric hybrid bike is designed so that it can be used both in the city streets and on light trails. Compared to electric bikes, electric hybrid bikes are better because they have a feature that is puncture resistant, making your ride as stress-free as possible.

Where is Best to Purchase

It is easy to purchase an electric bike because you can order one online on many sites, i.e. amazon, go mobility. The bicycle can be delivered to you from the comfort of your home by Go Mobility if you are looking for a mobility aid or e-bike in Ireland. Another option is to get them at shops near you.

Top 10 E-Bikes to Purchase in 2021

Here are our top picks from the Irish E-Bike market and available for customers to buy online in 2021:

NameWhere to Purchase What You Get
#1 Our Pick: The OutsiderBuy Now electric option go mobility
#2 Greaser Classic Buy Now choice of e-bikes from greaser
#3 Greaser Springer Buy Now springer choice of elecric motor
#4 Ruffian Buy Now the ruffian from go mobility
#5 Lil Buddy Buy Now little buddy rider model
#6 Vacay Classic Buy Now classic e-bike by vacay brand
#7 Vacay Springer Buy Now springer for speed by vacay
#8 Hitway E-Bike Buy Now buy an electric bike on amazon
#9 Hitway Urban City Bikes Buy Now hitway electric bikes from amazon and others
#10 Windgoo B20 Buy Now sporty motorised bicycle adults

#1 The Outsider

The outsider is designed to stand alone, and it’s powered by a 250 or 750-watt BAFANG rear hub motor. It has a 50+ kilometre range per charge. This bike is designed to keep thing exciting and at the age of your seat as you take on different adventures.

the outsider speed bicycle with motor

It doesn’t matter whether you cycle daily to work. School or just an earth lover-you will get the whole experience. The outsider comes with its Pros and Cons:

Pros & Cons
  • Features a removable tank
  • Easier access to the battery
  • Effortless battery recharge
  • Includes interchangeable tank covers
  • Tyres aren’t as tough as other models

#2 Greaser Classic

The greaser classic is an electric, vintage-inspired and beautiful bicycle. It runs on a 250watt geared brushless rear hub motor and is legal for use on all public roads which makes it convenient.

greaser classic with battery power

Due to its 50km per charge Samsung lithium ion battery, you can use it on a day to day basis, but you have to consider some things like the riders weight, wind, outside temperature, stop and go traffic etc.

Pros & Cons
  • Strong hub drive motor
  • It’s legal to ride in most cities
  • You can use the greaser classic daily
  • The Greaser classic is not cheap

#3 Greaser S Blue/Black/Red

Just like the greaser classic, the greaser S is convenient for everyday use. It has a powerful 500/350 watt geared brushless motor, which you can use to ride uphill without breaking a sweat.

greaser swinger range of e-bikes

The bicycle can cruise anywhere that cars cannot be able to reach, this means you can also beat traffic jams when in a hurry.It comes with a couple of

Pros & Cons
  • Beautiful exterior which makes it attractive
  • It’s a great bike to ride because the PAS kicks in when you start pedalling
  • The large tyres on the bicycle can handle tough roads easily
  • This electric bicycle is physically large

#4 Ruffian

The ruffian is a high-performance bike for people that don’t compromise on style. It is powered by the motor from Bosch which is the best and has a maximum torque of 75Nm and up to 340% delivered support and responsiveness.

ruffian classic type of electric bicycle

Its batteries are hidden in the ruffian tank and can be charged while riding the bike and without memory effect or minimal self-discharge. It weighs less but has strong support. The bike has clean belt drives and designed to meet the cyclists’ demands. Since they are carbon belts, they last longer and they’re almost maintenance free.

Pros & Cons
  • Stores energy, which is long-lasting
  • For those that enjoy riding on a zero-emission vehicle
  • Lasts longer and is almost maintenance-free
  • There’s not much shock absorption

#5 Lil Buddy Silver

This electric bike targets people that are into mini bikes. The little buddy silver has a Bosch power pack of 300Wh and a powerful supernova headlight.

lil buddy silver riding option for road

The bike emits very low carbon compared to cars therefore works to conserve the environment.

Pros & Cons
  • Saves money and keeps you healthy
  • Good fit for people that love mini bikes
  • Relatively low carbon emissions
  • The bike requires some research on its legal status

#6 Vacay Classic

The vacay classic is built for people with an eye for chopper culture. The vacay classic has a 250 to 500 watt geared brushless rear hub motor. It also has a Samsung lithium ion 36volt, it can range from 25km/hr up to 45km/hr.

vacay classic style white and blue option

The display provides feedback on battery level, speed, wattage output etc. The speed can be adjusted all the way up to 32mph and the battery is located on the down tube giving it balance.

Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable speed giving it good balance
  • Has a large LCD display
  • Powerful brakes
  • It is not a cheap bicycle to purchase

#7 Vacay Springer

The vacay springer has adjustable brakes. It has unique style with an added suspension. It’s motor is powerful with 250 watts and it gives you assistance when you need it most.

vacay springer speed

The seats on the bike are super comfortable, large and cushioned, the springs have you riding in complete comfort even on a bumpy or rough terrain.

Pros & Cons
  • Brakes are adjustable
  • Great speed on the road
  • The seats are extra comfortable
  • It can be tiresome to charge

#8 Hitway E-Bike

The Hitway urban city bike can be very economical and is built for city roads. It’s lightweight and strong and has an ultra-light aluminium alloy.

hitway choice of e-bikes

It weighs about 22kgs and the maximum cargo it can carry is up to 100kgs. It’s high speed but safe: 250W equipped with automotive grade power lithium battery.

Pros & Cons
  • Hidden batteries which cuts through the air easily
  • Large lamps on it allow you to see clearly in the dark
  • Fat tyres make you feel like you’re floating on air
  • You need to check on its legality when you’re in certain states

#9 Hitway Urban City Bike

This is a city bike with a driving range of 20-100 miles. With a rechargeable battery and the seats are adjustable. The output on the bike is strong and efficient and stable.

urban city bike large size for rider

It has a CE certification pursuing environmental safety.

Pros & Cons
  • It’s lightweight and strong
  • It has high speed but it’s still safe
  • Provides adjustable riding mode for cyclists to choose from
  • It is sensitive when changing gears

#10 Windgoo B20

The Windgoo B20 operates as well as it looks. This model is sporty, trendy and ideal for regular commutes whether it’s to and from work or more off road journeys for leisure and fitness. Folding it up is simple in just a few seconds.

windgoo b20 riding micromobility

This lightweight model has three driving modes, dual brakes and is lightweight which makes it easy to travel with and stow away at home or at work. Cruise control is an option for riders which will make your journey that bit smoother and enjoyable.

Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Quick & easy folding mechanism
  • Affordable option
  • Smaller frame may not suit all riders

What is the Driving Range & Top Speed of E-Bikes?

The general driving range on electric bikes is 20-100 miles and the top speed you can do is 20mph.Some are designed to carry cargo although the weight limit on e-bikes is set to range at 220-300 pounds.

How Long do they Last

After about three to five years after purchase is when e-bikes performance begins to decline. However the experience of driving one is thrilling and certainly worth the investment.

What is the Cost of One

The bikes cost from ___ up to ___. They have a pedal assist, its an operating mode which helps you peddle easier and in case of a lock, the mini by Kryptonite comes highly recommended.

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