Best Chargers for an Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, have recently become very popular. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are economical to run compared to fuel vehicles.

Electric scooters are also easy to ride compared to bikes and conventional scooters. E-scooters are also an alternative to public transport, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly as they do not emit any harmful chemicals to the environment.

E-Scooters are portable, fun, fast, and available in various options. These vehicles run on electric energy so they come with rechargeable batteries and chargers.

How to Charge an Electric Scooter at Home?

The charging technique for electric scooters depends on the scooter’s type of battery. There are two types of electric scooters. That being said, charging an electric scooter at home is straightforward. All you need is to connect the charger to the scooter and plug it into an outlet anywhere in your home.

The newer electric scooters allow you to remove their batteries when charging them. This way, you do not have to plug the whole scooter, only the battery. Most of them come with a charging light that indicates the charge level. The light turns from red to green when it is fully charged.

Once the scooter is fully charged, ensure to disconnect the charger and unplug it from the outlet to prevent unwanted accidents. If you have the newer models, you will have to put the battery back into the scooter.

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Best Electric Scooter Chargers

Below are three of the best electric scooter chargers on the market:

Model Name How to Buy
#1 Our Pick: VORSPRUNG Rapid Charger Buy Now
#2 Ejoyous Charger
Buy Now
#3 KFD 42V 2A Scooter ChargerBuy Now

#1 VORSPRUNG Rapid Charger

This charger comes with rapid charging technology and an LED light to tell you when your e-scooter is fully charged. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and is compatible with many electric motor brands.

Pros & Cons
  • Ultra-fast charging output
  • Rigorously tested to ensure maximum safety
  • 2-m long charging cable
  • Replacement for charger, not original
  • Expensive

#2 Ejoyous Electric Scooter Battery Charger

This electric scooter is compatible with all 220 UK plugs and more than a dozen electric scooters. It is made with high-quality materials and has a firm surface that’s hard to damage. This product features a slip-resistant texture design and a quick charge technology.

Pros & Cons
  • The LED indicator lights make it easy to use
  • Quick charge technology
  • Ideal replacement charger for old or damaged chargers
  • Not compatible with some electric scooters

It also comes with LED indicator lights. The red light indicates that the scooter is charging, and the green indicates the full battery.

#3 The KFD 42V 2A Scooter Battery Charger

This charger features an input and output voltage of 230 volts and 42.00, respectively. It is compatible with 36V lithium batteries, 36V electric lithium batteries.

Pros & Cons
  • Overheating protection thanks to a smart chip
  • Features overload protection with space wires
  • Anti-interference function with improved insulation material
  • Smart protections for faster charging
  • Not compatible with all electric scooters
  • Slightly expensive

How do Electric Scooters get Charged?

Every electric scooter brand has unique chargers depending on the type of battery. Below is are some tips to follow when charging your e-scooter;

  • Let the scooter cool down
  • Ensure the scooter and charger are completely dry
  • Use an original charger and charge in a cool and dry environment
  • If possible, charge it until its fully charged
  • Avoid overcharging

For How Long should I Charge it?

The amount of time it takes to charge an electric scooter depends on the brand and the battery type. The time also greatly depends on the battery capacity and the type of charger. The average time it takes to charge an electric scooter is about four to twenty hours.

Most consumer-grade electric scooters take between three to eight hours to charge completely. Scooters with the longest charging time may take more than a full day to charge. On the other hand, scooters with the shortest charging times may take less than an hour to charge.

You can calculate the charging time for your scooter by applying the type of battery, the battery’s storage capacity, and your current charge’s output current. The formula for calculating the charging time is:

Charging time (h)= battery energy capacity (AH) / (charger current (A) * charging efficiency (%))

More often than not, manufacturers provide the charging times in their instruction manuals. Therefore, you need not worry about calculating the charging times.

Do E-Scooters Charge while On or Off?

Most e-scooters charge off. This means that the electric scooter’s power switch should be off when charging it. Charging with the power on could harm the battery and the scooter.

top electric chargers for scooters

How Long does an E-Scooter Battery last?

An electric scooter battery can last between two to three years or 300 to 500 full charge cycles. This means that you can expect your battery’s performance to start degrading after around 200 to 300 charge cycles.

A fully-charged e-scooter battery can last around two hours in power-saving mode. The time depends on the brand and type of battery.

What Kind of Battery does it Use

As mentioned before, electric scooters use two types of batteries. They are;

NiCad battery- These batteries need to get emptied and recharged fully to ensure their health. This can be challenging because you have to wait for the battery to charge fully.

Lithium battery- The second is the Lithium-ion battery that you can charge whenever you want without worrying about it getting damaged.

Can you Replace the Battery

Yes, you can replace an electric scooter’s battery if it is damaged or its performance has declined. Doing this is as simple as removing the old battery and replacing it with a new one. This is a technical process that requires the right tools and techniques.

However, when replacing the battery, you must use the same type of battery that was initially used on the electric scooter. This means that you cannot replace a lithium-ion battery with a NiCad battery.

Can you Use a Laptop Charger for an Electric Scooter?

While electric scooter chargers significantly resemble laptop chargers, you cannot charge your scooter with a laptop charger. Electric scooters require unique chargers designed for the specific brand and type of scooter. Therefore, a laptop charger would not do the trick.

What is the Best Wattage?

The best wattage for an electric scooter depends on the scooter’s brand and type. The most powerful electric scooters can reach wattages of 5000 watts of real power. The same scooters can go as fast as 100 km/h or faster. However, the best wattage is usually between 250 to 350 watts.

Can you Overcharge this type of Vehicle?

You cannot overcharge an electric scooter. Most e-scooter models can only charge up to a certain amount and then stop charging automatically. However, if you are not using the correct charger, this may not happen, and you may end up damaging your battery.

How do I Remove the Speed Limiter?

You can remove the speed limited by:

  • Unscrewing it and removing its screws
  • Opening its metallic casing and removing the metal piece that connects the wires to the scooter, limiting its speed
  • If you have a hard time removing the metal piece, you can add tape, so the cables do not further modify the rate

How can I make my E-Scooter last Longer?

You can make your e-scooter last longer by:

  • Only using the specified e-scooter charger
  • Charging it at the right time and avoiding overcharging
  • Storing it in optimum conditions
  • Reading the manufacturer’s instructions and following them keenly
  • Frequent maintenance

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