Are Electric Scooters Waterproof?

are micromobile vehicles waterproof

E-scooters are progressively becoming the new normal in our daily lives thanks to the edge they have over other means of transport, with the government now implementing regulations that allow their use on public roads.

These rides will save you time as you can commute faster by beating traffic jams. The e-scooters are easier to ride than the traditional ones as they require no effort, have higher speed, and are compact.

Most importantly, these scooters are a green and more eco-friendly means of travel, reducing your carbon footprint.

Can you Ride E-scooters in the Rain?

Although the scooters have numerous advantages over the other vehicles, how convenient are they, and will you be able to commute in the rain? Riding the scooters in the rain or through waters is highly inadvisable.

Using your e-scoter in the rain, especially when there are very low temperatures, can have a damaging effect on your battery and motor. However, if your scooter is high quality, you can briefly rush home when caught in light rains.

Waterproof Ratings Explained

For electric scooters, the waterproof ratings are determined through IP rating (Ingress Protection), which categorises the extent of protection provided by an enclosure of electrical equipment with a voltage of up to 72.5kV on the maximum.

These ratings or codes are restricted by the International standard EN60529, where the efficacy of the enclosures against ingress from things that can affect the equipment, such as dirt and liquids, is checked.

The IP code given after the rating consists of two digits preceded by the letters IP. Higher numbers indicate that electronic equipment is better protected from foreign bodies that affect performance. There can be an X instead of a number on some occasions, meaning the enclosure is not rated for the particular issue.

how to prevent rust on your scooter

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The first digit designates the level of protection from solid foreign objects, while the Second digit does the same for the case of various forms of foreign moisture. You can understand this better using the following examples:

  • IP65 is more protected from foreign objects than IP 54 since both numbers in the first rating are higher than the digits in the second rating.
    • An IP08 is protected from long-term immersion in most liquids as indicated by the high number 8, but it is not protected from solids as indicated by zero.
    • On the other hand, An item with an IP rating of IP60 is protected from solids and especially total dust ingress as demonstrated by the first digit (6) but has zero protection from liquids as indicated by the second digit (O).

The Electric Scooters Best designed to withstand rain

Here we have featured the most suitable e-scooters to use in the rain or in a country like Ireland where showers of rain are a common occurrence.

Pure Air pro

The scooter has an IP rating of IP65, meaning it has total protection from dust ingress and is also protected from water jets coming from any direction but in low pressure. The motor power is 350W and has a range of up to 22.4 miles. It is safer and more convenient due to its relatively large frame that ensures stability when riding.

GoTrax GXl V2

This is one of the most pocket-friendly waterproof e-scooters, with the price being an average of 300$. The scooter also has an IP54 rating meaning it can withstand water splash from any direction. However, it cannot be immersed in water for an extended period. The scooter has cruise control and a dual braking system to get you home safely.

Aovo pro electric scooter

The scooter is one of the newest e-scooters in the market. Still, it has already gained popularity as the best waterproof and most water-resistant scooter with an IP65 rating in several European countries. With a range of up to 22 miles and a maximum speed of 20mph, the scooter is very powerful, lightweight, and can even climb hills with an angle of up to 20⁰.

The Disadvantage of Using an Electric Scooter

Although these scooters give you an edge in commuting, especially when avoiding traffic jams, they also have their downside. This is mostly attributed to the fact that it is hard to drive them in poor weather conditions.

Heavy rains have an adverse effect on the scooter’s battery and overall life span. In addition, rains in certain terrains can cause muddy and slippery roads that can be impassable for the scooters, meaning you will either get stuck or have to find an alternative means to travel.

ip rating for water resistance

Moreover, riding your scooter during winter is possible but not recommendable. The freezing temperatures are not good conditions for the scooter batteries to thrive as they slow down the process that enables the scooter’s proper functioning.

The majority of these scooters use lithium-ion batteries that can be damaged by cold weather; hence it is not advisable to even leave your scooter outside during winter. If you must use the scooter, let the batter warm up first.

What you Should Know before Buying One

It is essential that you understand the difference between waterproof and water resistance, meaning; despite the e-scooters being rated as waterproof, they are still vulnerable to water damage, especially when immersed in high waters for long. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid riding your e-scooter in the rain.

When choosing your electric scooter, check the specifications for the IP rating to determine how and where you can use it. However, it would be best if you avoided constantly exposing your e-scooter to water, and even if it has a high IP rating such as IP68, where it can withstand long-term immersion, do not do so for extended periods in high water pressure areas.

Is a good waterproof rating worth it?

Yes, this should help you determine where and to what extent you can ride your motorised scooter in certain conditions. This plays a significant role in safeguarding your scooter from damage, increasing its durability and lifespan.

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