How to Install a Toilet Frame & Where to Get One in Ireland

how to install a toilet safety frame

A toilet frame is a free-standing structure with arm rails that fit around a toilet in a home bathroom. It is designed for the elderly or a person with a physical impairment to help them sit down on a toilet and then stand back up from the toilet safely and comfortably.

There are a few different types of toilet frames. Some are just the frame and are foldable for easy storage, while others can be mounted to a wall if a more permanent frame is needed.

Other toilet frames come with a seat attached to fit over the toilet for a more comfortable solution for specific mobility issues. The last kind is a toilet frame with a raised seat designed for those persons who can not sit all the way down. 

How do you use a toilet frame?

The toilet frame needs to be placed around the toilet with the arm rails pointing outward. Again, you may need to adjust the height to fit your individual needs.

Once the toilet frame is in place, use the arm rails to help guide you to the seated position. When you are finished, use the rails to guide yourself back to a standing position.

Best options for the elderly 

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How to fit a free-standing toilet frame? 

Most toilet safety frames are foldable and movable, and some are mounted to the wall for more permanent use. 

How do you measure a toilet frame?

Before installing a permanent frame or using a foldable frame, you should measure the height to make sure it fits you correctly. 

Most toilet frames are adjustable. To measure the height, open the frame over the toilet. Stand with your arms comfortably on the safety rails. Then, Adjust the frame up or down so you can sit easily on the toilet with your feet firmly on the ground.   

To adjust the frame, you will use the spring buttons on the legs of the frame to make them longer or shorter. Adjust the length of the legs one at a time. First, make sure all the legs are a safe length. 

How to install one

Once you have the correct height, you should move the toilet rail into place over the toilet. 

If you need to mount it on the wall, then follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to attach it to the wall correctly. 

If you have one that is foldable, make sure it is placed snugly against the toilet, there is usually a crossbar that will touch the toilet frame either in the front part of the bowl or the back of the toilet frame behind the seat.

Some safety frames come with a seat attached. If you have one with a seat, you will need to sit in a chair and measure from the crease of your knee to the floor, add two inches or 50 mm (to account for the seat), then adjust the legs to correspond with the measurements.

What are the safety measures in the bathroom? 

Knowing how to use the toilet safety rails properly and other safety tips will help keep you safe in the bathroom.

How to use safety rails

To use the safety rails, stand in front of your properly adjusted frame or rails, then turn around to face away from the toilet. Then carefully lower yourself down to the seat.

To stand back up, apply even pressure on each rail and pull yourself up. Ensure the pressure is even, so the toilet frame stays well balanced if not mounted to the wall. 

Other safety tips in the bathroom

Make sure you have a clear bath from the bathroom door to the toilet and the toilet frame. 

Keep all needed bathroom items in easy-to-reach places.

This includes the toilet paper rolls. If your safety frame blocks the wall-mounted toilet paper dispenser, move it to a more convenient location. 

You may also want to use non-slip mats in the toilet area to help you stay sure-footed while using your toilet frame. 

Examples of the different types of toilet safety frames

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