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Fluorescence is widely used as a sensitive detection technique for diagnostic platforms. In this programme, strategies are investigated in order to enhance the fluorescence of biosensors to increase signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and hence produce improved analyte sensitivity and lower limits of detection. The programme also includes the development of highly sensitive fibre optic sol-gel-based fluorescence sensors for in-vivo monitoring key analytes.

Key programme elements:

Signal Enhancement strategies under development include:

  • Use of high brightness silica nanoparticles for cell staining and flow cytometry
  • Exploitation of patterned metal nanostructured substrates for plasmonic enhancement for improved assays.

Sol-gel sensors

  • Development of fibre optic fluorescence-based sensors for in-vivo sensing of key analytes including O2, pH and CO2 in blood and tissue.


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  • Intellectual Property information is available here.
Prof. Colette McDonagh, B.Sc, PhD

School of Physical Sciences, DCU
BDI Principal Investigator

Professor Colette McDonagh studied undergraduate physics at the National University of Ireland in Galway and was awarded a Ph.D. in Physics from Trinity College, Dublin. After postdoctoral work at Trinity College and at the Department of Applied Science at the University of California, Davis, she took up an academic position in the School of Physical Sciences at Dublin City University in 1986.

She currently holds the position of Full Professor. Prof. McDonagh leads the Optical Sensors Laboratory (OSL) in the School of Physical Sciences at DCU. She is a member of the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) and of the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI).