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Vladimir Gubala, Senior Research Fellow, BDI



Dr. Vladimir Gubala, a senior research fellow at the BDI has received funding for a novel research project from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). The project is entitled 'Synthesis of novel molecules for specific recognition of DNA G-quadruplex structure: Rapid analysis of the binding phenomenon based on quenching of labeled telomeric DNA on Au surface'.

The funding of €79,300 was provided as part of the Research Frontiers Award and has been awarded for two years. An M.Sc. student, Mr Killian Walsh has ben recruited to work on the project.

The project will explore aspects of DNA which are specifically linked to health and disease funtions. In the 1980s, a group of scientists suggested that a specific region at the end of human DNA, called telomere, could be biologically relevant. Later it was confirmed that the function of this part of DNA is closely associated with cancer and ageing. This had triggered an enormous interest in developing drugs that bind to such region of DNA and alter its function. We propose to prepare novel chemicals that resemble the actual structure of the folded telomeric DNA and hence will have high potential for specific interaction. The consequences of such binding will be investigated by fluorescence-based technique using quenching phenomenon of folded-and unfolded DNA.