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'Rapid Molecular Detection of Pathogens from Bio-Pharmaceutical Process Water and Sterile Products' - Prof. Terry Smith

Prof Terry Smith, NUIG has also received funding from SFI's TIDA fund for his project entitled 'Rapid Molecular Detection of Pathogens from Bio-Pharmaceutical Process Water and Sterile Products'. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Jens Ducrée. The award totaled €91,000.

The availability of sterile water is of importance in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. European and other regulators define standards of high quality water up to and including water for injection (WFI). Contamination of the water supply with bacterial pathogens represents a significant threat to the biopharmaceutical industry. Currently, process water monitoring is by microbiological methods. However, these methods are slow.

This project will investigate the feasibility of an isothermal point of need device for the rapid detection of the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa which is the species most frequently isolated from pharmaceutical process water and WFI.

CASPER Project - Prof. Jens Ducrée

Prof Jens Ducrée has received funding from Science Foundation Ireland's Technology Innovation Development Feasibility Study fund for the development of a Microfluidic Platform for cell analysis and screening for personalised Medicine. The award received has a total value of €99,000.

The BDI project CASPER will produce a prototype for low-cost, highly parallel cell screening and analysis in personalised medicine by exploiting a recently developed microfluidic platform, the Lab-in-a-Trench, which can be integrated and automated to provide a user-friendly, sample-to-answer point-of-care diagnostic. Specifically, the Lab-in-a-Trench will enable investigation of cell surface glycoprofiles and, separately, the effect of hypoxia on cancer tumour cells.

With the BDI PI for "Microfluidic Platforms" Prof. Jens Ducrée, Prof. John O'Leary from Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Amanda McCann from University College Dublin and Prof. Lokesh Joshi from NUI Galway, CASPER brings together four international leaders in lab-on-a-chip, cancer cell biology and glycoprotein analysis to address an unmet need in high-throughput cell analysis with significant commercial potential, particularly in the area of personalising therapy through analysis of disease heterogeneity.