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Dr. Charles Nwankire, Milena Rowinska and Killian Walsh at the Thesis in 3 competition



On October 26th, BDI postgraduate researchers Milena Rowinska and Killian Walsh participated in the CSET Thesis in Three competition, which ran as part of Innovation Dublin.

Milena's presentation was entitled "Can We Save 400,007 lives???" and was on her research on the development a device to detect early-stage breast cancer. Killian's presentation was entitled "Can we stop ageing?" and was on his research into compounds that could potentially control ageing and have other health benefits. Milena and Killian are both completing their PhD studies with BDI's Surface Science group.

Dr. Charles Nwankire also gave a 3 minute overview of the BDI on the night.

The event was held in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin and was organised by CLARITY, SBI & CNGL. 18 PhD students from SFI funded CSETs gave their elevator pitches on their PhD research. In addition, 9 PIs/ postdoctoral fellows gave presentations on the institutes.

On the night over 200 audience members were entertained by bite-sized pieces of research projects in 3 slides of 3 minutes each. The event was sponsored by the participating SFI CSETS: CLARITY, CNGL, CRANN, SBI, Lero, DERI, APC, CTVR and BDI.

Congratulations to all those that took part.