Biomedical Science Workshop students in the Education & Outreach laboratory.

Biomedical Science Workshop at DCU


“We had an amazing week”, was the feedback from students following their participation in a Biomedical Science workshop at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI), DCU from Aug 5-7th.

Developed by BDI Education & Outreach Team members (Dr. Aoife MacCormac, Mr. Philip Smyth and research intern Ms Jean Kim), the workshop covered topics such as infectious diseases, immunology and spectroscopy, as well as the basic scientific principles underlying biomedical diagnostics.

The students aged 15-17, participated in lectures and enjoyed a number of fun, hands-on activities such as making their own lava lamps and staining bacteria. The workshop took place in the new Education & Outreach (E & O) laboratory at the BDI.

“Our new lab is a great addition to our education programme. It is an excellent space for students to explore biomedical science topics in a practical, investigative manner. We have plenty of fun workshops and science clubs planned for the new academic term,” said Emma O’Brien, E & O Manager at the BDI.