Prof Dermot Kenny, Prof Peter Newman, Dr Deborah Newman and Prof Brian MacCraith

Recent Visitors to BDI


have welcomed a wide variety of leading researchers and entrepreneurs to the Institute for the Spring/Summer 2009 series of lectures.

The BDI Seminar Series is a highly regarded programme designed to keep members abreast of current and emerging research in the field of diagnostics.

The series was launched by Prof. Peter Newman, Vice President of Research, Blood Centre of Wisconsin with a stimulating and engaging presentation entitled “Paradoxical risks and rewards of using anti-platelet drugs to treat myocardial infarction: A molecular explanation”

Prof Ken Dawson

On April 17th, Prof Ken Dawson, Director, Centre for BioNanoInteractions, University College Dublin presented to a full audience of BDI researchers and students on the topic of “Bionanointeractions”. Prof. Dawson’s presentation explored the interactions between nanoscale materials and living matter in particular nanoparticles in cell media, plasma etc.

Dr Conor Hanley with Prof Brian MacCraith

Sleep or lack thereof was the main focus of the presentation by Dr. Conor Hanley, CEO, BiancaMed who visited the BDI on May 1st. Over 10% of the population suffer chronic insomnia that in turn is linked to increased incidence of depression, obesity, diabetes, alcoholism and heart disease. BiancaMed has developed and productised a small, sensitive non-contact biomotion sensor which can detect heartbeat and respiration during sleep. Dr. Hanley discussed the unique sensors and software algorithms that have been developed by Biancamed and demonstrated these to the audience. Conor also talked of his experiences as an Irish entrepreneur in establishing a research based start-up company.

Prof Brian MacCraith with Dr Aidan Quinn

On May 15th, Dr. Aidan Quinn, Nanotechnology Group, Tyndall National Institute Cork met with BDI researchers and PI and presented a seminar entitled “Nanocrystal-Molecule Nanostructures: Formation, Plasmonic Properties & Electrical Contacting”. Dr. Quinn’s presentation focused on the development of solution-based processes for assembly of plasmonic nanostructures through controlled mixing of gold nanocrystals and molecular linkages.

Prof Brian MacCraith with Prof Gil Lee

Prof. Gil Lee, SFI Stokes Professor of Bionanotechnology, School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at UCD returned to the BDI on May 22nd to present a seminar entitled “ Emerging Applications of Magnetic Tweezers: From Single Molecule Force Measurements to Bioanalytical Separation”. During his presentation, Prof. Lee described the studies of his research team that serve as a proof of principle for the application of magnectic tweezers to a broad range of bioanalytical measurements.