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Dr. Gregor Kijanka, Prof. Elaine Kay, Seán Fitzgerald & Prof. Richard O'Kennedy



BDI postrgraduate researcher Seán Fitzgerald has recently been awarded the Outstanding Graduate Researcher award for 2013. The Faculty of Science and Health Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award honours graduate students of exceptional ability who have made an outstanding contribution to the research effort of the Faculty. The award is made on the basis of the totality of candidates’ research accomplishment during their research degree at DCU. Seán joins Fiona O'Neill (NICB) in receiving the award this year. The Awardees were presented with a silver engraved medal andtheirnameshavebeenplacedonthehonourboardintheScience Building Atrium.

Seán is a fourth year PhD student here in the BDI, currently working on the ONC3 project under the supervision of Dr. Gregor Kijanka and Prof. Richard O’Kennedy. The project has been a very successful collaboration primarily with the Department of Histopathology at RSCI Beaumont Hospital, led by Prof Elaine Kay who is the clinical collaborator on the ONC3 project, and also with Prof Lance Liotta’s group at George Mason University, Virginia, USA. Seán’s research is focused mainly on the biological characterisation of a previously identified panel of novel colorectal cancer-specific antigens and assessing their impact on patient outcome and disease-recurrence.