Prof. Jens Ducree, Dr. Joseph Carroll, Prof. Richard O'Kennedy, Dr. Holger Schawarz (Millipore) & Dr. Gregor Kijanka with Prof. Brian MacCraith, Dr. Louise Barrett, Dr. Gerard Donohue (Millipore/BDI) & Dr. Julie Burrell (Millipore)





Millipore Corporation (NYSE:MIL), a leading provider of technologies, tools and services for the global life science industry, and the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI), are pleased to announced that Millipore has joined BDI as a full industrial member, paving the way for joint research and development in critical areas of life science.

“Our collaboration with BDI is part of our strategy of leveraging cutting-edge technologies and academic research to deliver innovative, breakthrough solutions for our customers,“ said Dennis Harris, Millipore’s Chief Scientific Officer.  “Our relationship with BDI gives us access to a comprehensive range of world-class diagnostic capabilities focused on resolving unmet bioanalytic needs.”  

“This partnership with Millipore represents a wonderful opportunity for BDI to engage with an industry leader in the life science field,” said Professor Brian MacCraith, BDI Director.  “Our collaboration will enable the application of our cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to improve production of novel therapeutics, which will impact health care and patients’ lives.”

Millipore’s current research with BDI is focused on developing new technology platforms for in-process testing and real-time monitoring in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

“I’m very impressed with the breadth of BDI’s technologies and the depth of its expertise in point-of-care diagnostic solutions,” said Holger Schwarz, Director of Technology and Alliances in Millipore’s Corporate Technology Office and a newly elected member of BDI’s Executive Committee.  “Being a full BDI industry member presents us with a unique opportunity to leverage technologies developed at BDI to solve problems for our customers in academia and industry—in the areas of life science research, drug discovery, diagnostics and biomanufacturing.”

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