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Students working on blood typing in the E&O lab.



The Education & Outreach team at the BDI has hosted a number of workshops in the E&O lab in the past few weeks.

St Patrick's Science Club

On February 14th, Clare visited St. Patrick's NS in Castleknock for a Valentine's Day Happy Heart workshop. The school's Science Club for 5th class pupils meets every month after class to try new and exciting experiments. The group of 22 pupils had great fun listening to their heartbeats with real stethoscopes, investigating the speed of their pulses after a few star-jumps and making a sweet model of their blood.

5th Year Workshop

On February 16th, a one-day laboratory experience for 5th year students introduced the work and research carried out at the BDI to a group interested in pursuing this area of science in their future careers. In addition to lab tours, the group performed a number of practical experiments in the education lab that illustrated some of the core skills and techniques of the fast-paced field of biomedical diagnostics.

Physics Transition Year

On February 23rd, the education lab was full of busy Transition Year students, who were spending the week with the School of Physics. Calculating the speed of light through jelly and marbling paper with shaving foam were just two of the creative and challenging activities of the day, as the students got to explore another side of biomedical science.