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A section of the Analytical Methods cover



A BDI research paper has featured as a cover article in the most recent issue of the research journal 'Analytical Methods'. The lead author, Dr. Stephen O'Driscoll, describes the article below:

"Portable sensors systems for real-time chemical and biochemical analyte detection have significant potential in areas such as environmental monitoring and healthcare. Mobile phones are particularly attractive as a "platform" for the development of such systems because they integrate computing, communication and sensing capabilities on a single low-cost ubiquitous device. In particular, the presence of an embedded optical sensor (i.e., digital camera) provides enormous opportunity for the integration of mobile phone and optical chemical and biochemical detection technologies.

In this article, we describe a camera phone-based system capable of "reading" a fluorescence-based optical sensor chip and show how the system can provide real-time analyte detection. The ability to translate quantitative fluorescence-based sensing onto camera phone-based platforms has significant ramifications for the development of truly distributed chemical and bio-sensor networks, with the potential to eventually enable remote monitoring of disease as well as addressing the largely unmet challenge of providing robust, ubiquitous diagnostics in low resource environments."

The article can be found here: