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BDI staff recently had great success at the INVENT DCU Commercialisation Awards, held on 17th January 2013 in the Helix, DCU. These annual awards were set up to publicly recognise the researchers who take the initiative to commercialise their research.

The awards granted to BDI staff are as follows:

Dr. Stephen O'Driscoll:

For a licence option to British Biocell International for a novel mobile phone based diagnostics platform.

Dr. Dorota Wencel, Dr. Stephen O'Driscoll, Prof. Colette McDonagh, Ms. Denise Carthy and Dr. Conor Burke

For an innovation partnership with BlueBridge Technologies for a real time pH sensor for clinical applications.

Prof. Brian MacCraith, Prof. Tony Killard and Magdalena Dudek

For a licence agreement with Epona Biotech Limited for a patented technology for blood coagulation monitoring developed at the BDI.

In addition, Ms. Denise Carthy was involved as project manager in the CLARITY-led project MyEnergy, which resulted in a licence option to Realtime Technologies Ltd. (Shimmer). Congratulations to all recipients on this significant achievement.