The DiaMond UREKA students 2009, with other DCU undergraduate interns including the Hamilton and Beaufort scholars, and the SURF BIONET students.



On Wednesday 15th July 2009 the SURF BIONET UREKA site from NCBES, NUI Galway visited the DiaMonD UREKA site at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute. They were also joined by other DCU undergraduate interns, including the Hamilton and Beaufort Scholars. Ms. Emma O’Brien, BDI and Dr. Aideen O’Doherty, NCBES gave an overview of each UREKA site. The students then interacted in groups to find out about each others projects.

Students from both sites are working on a diverse range of projects such as researching biomarkers for Cardiovascular Disease, looking at links between depression and the immune system and designing novel electrochemical sensors. After lunch, Mr. Fergus Fleming, BDI gave an overview of the research being carried out in the institute and some of the routes to commercialisation.