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The Biomedical Diagnostics Institute has recently licensed a novel coagulation assay to Epona Biotech.

The assay was originally developed by Professor Tony Killard and Dr. Magdalena Dudek at the BDI and will be further developed by Epona to measure the concentration of fibrinogen in equine blood samples. Fibrinogen is a key component of the acute phase inflammatory response in horses and the results of the assay can be read by eye alone, negating the need to use complex machine readers.

Commenting on the license, Dr. Henrich Anhold, Founder and CEO of Epona Biotech, stated "The BDI has a unique academic-industry-clinical partnership and their research teams are developing cutting edge diagnostic technologies. This assay will enable Epona to provide improved veterinary diagnostic tests at the point of need, which will ultimately lead to improved equine healthcare solutions."

Dr. Conor Burke, Associate Director of Commercialisation for BDI, added "This is an excellent example of how the BDI leverages its multi-disciplinary research in order to benefit an indigenous Irish company and achieve tangible economic impact."