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Emma O'Brien, Prof Cliff Dacso and DCU President Prof Brian MacCraith at the DIVERSE Conference



The BDI hosted the new ehealth strand at the recent Diverse Conference, which took place at the Helix, DCU at the end of June. In its 11th year, Diverse is an international conference which explores the use of new media and technologies in education, research and the healthcare.

Prof Cliff Dacso, Abramson Centre for the Future of Health presented the keynote speech in the ehealth strand. He discussed a number of award winning research projects underway at the Abramson Centre in the area of chronic disease such as heart failure, diabetes and asthma. During his presentation he highlighted how information technology and in particular digital media has a key role to play in solving health problems and enlightening patients self interest in their own health. The introduction of an ehealth theme to the Diverse conference recognises the important role that ICT plays in healthcare.

BDI education team members also presented papers at the conference. Emma O'Brien, the Institute's Education manager presented on the emergence of mobile apps as learning tools for health education. Her presentation entitled "Connected Health – Linking Practical Science & Health with mobile learning apps" discussed the development of a new programme for early teens at the BDI and presented preliminary findings.

Dr. Aoife MacCormac, co-ordinator of the M.Sc. in Biomedical Diagnostics presented "A Blended Learning approach to teaching Biomedical Diagnostics". This paper described preliminary work underway at the BDI in the development of on-line modules for the Masters in Biomedical Diagnostics using e-learning technologies such as Moodle, Camtasia and Articulate.

Further information on the Diverse Conference is available here.