Prof. Brian MacCraith, Dr. Dave Smart (Unipath) & Dr. Helen Berney (Analog Devices) with An Tanaiste Mary Coughlan & Prof. Frank Gannon (SFI)




“The benefit of effective R&D investment is new companies, jobs and further investments by industry” according to An Tánaiste Mary Coughlan T.D. speaking at a joint meeting of top national research centres and their industry partners, at which she launched the CSET Commercialisation Forum on November 25th 2009.  

The event in the Science Gallery, Dublin was hosted by the 10 Science Foundation Ireland funded Centres for Science Engineering and Technology (CSETs) along with the Tyndall National Institute. The event was addressed by SFI Director General Frank Gannon; Robert McCarthy, Manager, Innovative Environmental Solutions at IBM , on behalf of industry partners in research, and Prof. Brian MacCraith, Director of the Biomedical Diagnostic Institute (BDI) a CSET based at Dublin City University. In his speech, Prof. MacCraith highlighted that “CSETS are industry-academic partnerships, which involve substantial investments by industry partners and result, in many cases, in the location of senior researchers from major companies all over the world in research laboratories in Ireland”. 

The SFI CSETs and the Tyndall National Institute have formal collaborations with over 80 industry partners who collectively are investing over €70m in those research programmes. This is on top of approx €1.5bn of investment by those companies in Ireland where they are supporting up to 50,000 jobs.  

The Tánaiste concluded by saying “In addition the knowledge gained by researchers enables the creation of new, spin-out companies and thus supports the development of indigenous employment. Finally the collaborative approach deepens Ireland’s reputation as an Innovation Island, a message that we must constantly reiterate in international markets”.