BDI researchers at work



A newly-formed collaboration between the BDI and Cork-based company Audit Diagnostics is to produce a fast, low-cost test for thyroid disorders that currently affects up to 10% of the UK and US populations.

The project, ThyroQuant, is being funded by Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership programme, and is designed to foster increased collaboration between industry and research. The BDI research team will use the €350,000 funding to develop the ‘point-of-care’ (POC) test which will allow doctors to diagnose patients accurately in their surgery.

As the symptoms of thyroid disorders are common to a wide range of clinical disorders, the misdiagnosis of thyroid conditions is quite common, with 13 million cases misdiagnosed in the US alone. ThyroQuant aims to address this need by developing a test that will avoid delayed or incorrectly prescribed therapies.

Audit Diagnostics is a Medical Device and In-Vitro Diagnostic Manufacturer dedicated to introducing innovative, quality and affordable medical solutions to the global market with a total emphasis on customer care and satisfaction.

According to Michael O’ Donovan CEO of Audit Diagnostics, “This innovation partnership provides a significant opportunity to leverage off the established skills base and insight of the Audit Diagnostics team. Through this collaboration, we look forward to developing new capabilities in the rapidly expanding Point of Care Diagnostics area.”

A Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)-funded Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), the BDI carries out cutting-edge research programmes focused on the development of platform technologies for next-generation biomedical diagnostic devices. The BDI brings together researchers from academic, commercial and clinical environments to form a complementary, integrated, cohesive partnership.

Commenting on the project, the Director of the BDI, Professor Brian MacCraith, said “The combination of the capabilities of the BDI and the experience of Audit Diagnostics in developing and commercialising POC devices forms the basis of a unique opportunity to address an unmet healthcare need”.

Fergus Fleming, Commercial Development Manager at the BDI, added, ‘‘This project highlights the ongoing commitment of the BDI to support the indigenous sector in growing innovation and competitiveness”. 

This story was covered by the Sunday Business Post on May 9th 2010. The article is available to read here.

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