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Established in October 2005, the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI) is an Academic-Business-Clinical partnership that carries out cutting-edge research programmes focused on the development of next-generation biomedical diagnostic devices. The BDI vision is to transform healthcare by pioneering advances in the science and technology of diagnostics and by translating these advances into clinical use.

BDI research addresses major clinical challenges informed by the partnership of clinicians, scientists and industry. Building on key scientific insights, the BDI continues to apply established capabilities to create integrated Point-of-Care solutions, focused on major impacts on diagnosing disease and sustaining human health.

Please see a video on the BDI here. This video includes footage of the TV programme "The Science Squad", which featured the BDI in October 2013. The footage is reproduced here with kind permission of New Decade TV & Film Ltd.